Friday, March 12, 2010

Can't Be Stopped!

I am playing Booty Basement this Saturday at the Whistlestop here in San Diego so I thought in honour of that I would post one of my favorite southern hip hop records ever. We Can't Be Stopped is the Ghetto Boys third outting and is such an amazing record. They had a passion for rapping about drugs, psychotic experiences, fucking, and necrophilia. They're influence on Southern Hip Hop is endless. They have a budget sound to the songs which I find priceless because it really puts the lyrics upfront. Also we can't be stopped is the greatest hip hop album cover ever! No shirtless photo. No fancy suit. No woman in bikinis. Just Bushwick Bill on a hospital bed after a major alchol and drug binge freshly shot in the eye by his girlfriend after he begged her to kill him! Now he's a born again Christian. Oh well. The rawness displayed on this album is enough to make him a king in hell over and over again. So yeah, download this shit!

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