Thursday, May 6, 2010

All The Colors of Darkness

Sorry for the lag in updates lately. Have been extremely busy and keeping up with posts is getting harder and harder but a bunch of great news is in the horizon. New party's are in the works for southern California. Hope to have an operational party going strong by fall. Will probably take place in L.A. and we hope to be doing a monthly which will focus on live music and dj sets from friends and guests alike. More on this as it becomes concrete. In the mean time I recently revisited one of my all time favorite movies. Late one night while trying to tackle a bunch of shit I put on Suspiria. This movie has never lost it's punch. Also features the amazing and haunting soundtrack by Goblin in association with Dario Argento. The music in the film is like a brooding invisible character that gives the film an extra level of doom that is inescapable. So here is the soundtrack. I'm sure tons of you already have this but for those who don't, you need this. Good luck sleeping.

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