Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All Hail The Basement Party!

Booty Basement has been a long running night here in San Diego. The club just celebrated it's 8th year in existence and for anyone who knows anything about night life and doing clubs that is quite a success. It has grown into other cities as well and has a monthly spot in S.F. as well as Portland. Since moving to San Diego I have had the pleasure of playing alongside resident DJ and Booty Basement founder Dimitri. Dimitri has a great ear for hip hop and is maybe not always allowed to fully express it at the club due to people being a bit narrow minded. Even I have totally train spotted songs many times during his sets. But that's why I bring you this most recent mix he created for the 8th year anniversary. Hearing the tunes that he selected for this mix it's easy to see that not only does he have a love for hip hop but a unique ear for songs that are underrated or just unheard bangers. Of course through the mix you will find songs that you know and love. Cyprus Hill anyone? So congrats to Booty Basement on it's tenure and keep pumping tha shit! Oh and here's what Dimitri had to say about the mix:
"This mix was recorded live in one take September 17, 2010 with two computers, one turntable, and zero effects. Please excuse the many flaws present, but that's what happens when you do it live. I also picked all the songs on the fly, with a mellow sound in mind, as I've been wanting to do an "after party" mix for a while. But the real reason I made it is- you! Thanks to everyone who has helped make Booty Basement such a success over the last 8 years. We love you all, even if you did ask me to play Britney or "It's Your Birthday"(not in da club). Go,go,go,go,go..."


Dimitri said...

Thanks, Ethan. You are a welcome edition to our nights down here.

Radiant Darkness said...

Glad to be a part of it!