Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pregnant Rainbows for Colorblind Dreamers.

I'm not really sure how I could survive without Swedish psychedelia. Something about that countries particular sound and free-flowing songs that just drives me to the point of manic bliss. Sweden just like many other countries during the 60's experienced a cultural awakening that led many long hairs and nude long hairs onto the streets of Stockholm and into the the beautiful parks of the city where many bands would come together and play together. Rarely have I come across a country that has a sound that is cohesive and yet each band is entirely different and unique to themselves. "Pregnant Rainbows For Colorblind Dreamers" is a four cd box set that captures Swedish psych in a full mid-summer sun burst on down to the ever dark and contemplative winters chill. Honestly, one of the best collections of music I have ever seen. Pretty much covers every major Swedish psych group from the 60's and 70's and will leave most people hunting for at least a couple of uber expensive albums. Patience is your friend though. Just like Subliminal Sounds who seem to be reissuing a lot of the major classics like their flawless Baby Grandmothers and recent The Ghost(not the new Swedish band) reissue. This is broken down into four rar files to make it easy.

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