Sunday, February 6, 2011

Daaaaaaa Bears.

Today is a special day for America. That's right. Today we will consume more chicken wings, pizza, nachos, and fun dip that any other nation can stand to look at. And while we are doing that we will watch the grandiose advertisements that corporations spent millions upon millions of dollars to make just so you can have a laugh while they tell you that chicks will like you a lot more you fat idiot if you buy this beer. You've earned it too. You should celebrate by having a jam to "rock" to while pounding Coors and trying not to get room temperature cheese dip in your Crocs. Here's the 1985 Bears doing "The Super Bowl Shuffle". Since the Bears are a Chicago team the music is a generic blend of electric boogie funk with a ton really dumb raps done by the team members. It's fucking epic in every way.

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