Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Join Our Gang.

Been a while. Illness and a whole lot of work has kept me from posting recently but really good things are on the rise as Spring makes it way here. I am going to Seattle to visit a friend I haven't seen in forever so it's not going to get much better with the posts till the beginning of March. Also in March I will be heading up to San Francisco to dj a couple of my usual haunts. First stop is at the Casanova where I will be taking over the much better than night shift happy hour from 4-9 p.m. on Friday the 4th of March. Then Saturday the 5th I will be doing the same shift at the Hemlock Tavern. Both sets will be very different from one another so come say hello if your in that area. Still have boxes being dropped on the doorstep on a daily basis so I have tons of new platters to fill your ears with. If any changes or additional gigs are added I will post them here and Facebook. When I come back from Seattle I should be able to make the formal announcement about our monthly club that is starting here in San Diego. Everything is really coming together nicely and I am getting really excited about it's launch. A couple more meetings and it will be done. We will be making an exclusive mix for it's launch so those of you who are not able to attend get in touch and I will get you the mix when it's done (April?).

Up today is a fist pumping rollicking good time glam slam from Chicory Tip. Have to admit that I have been on the hunt for rare glam singles lately as I'm amazed at the overall feel of some of these records. Good, poppy, and still somewhat heavy which is not an easy combo to pull off. This will not change your life but if your not having fun while listening to this then check your pulse. Lots of makeup and heels required.

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