Friday, April 29, 2011

Lord Only Knows.

Chrome, black leather jackets, switch blades, and malt shop romance all come to mind when one thinks of classic Americana. Dirty Beaches latest long player "Badlands" is not the distilled "Happy Day's" memorabilia that many have come to know. It's more like the pilled up ghost of an ex-lover that haunts you into lonesome nights and has you dreaming for a better dream. Dirty Beaches manages to capture the rare essence of something that is timeless yet has a distinguished character that you almost know. It would be lazy to say that it reminds you of Suicide though it is there. You may also here a young more baritone Bruce Springsteen in there too. Perfectly blending haunting tape loops with psychedelic-esque reverb vocals and minimal guitar touches, "Badlands" crawls out your speakers and directly into the permanent day dream of all malt shop rebels to lend them a tear to wear like a badge on their leather jackets.

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Lizzbot said...

You managed to describe exactly what was being evoked in me. I couldn't find the words to describe it without sounding hokey. Applause applause!

The imagery floating around in my head as I listened to this was slow dancing in the middle of the night in a tulle frock with eye makeup smudged from crying. Maybe a ride in said dress on the back of a 1960's Triumph motorcycle on a nameless road....