Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We are not dead.

So the computer issue was in fact big. Mother-fucking-board. Three days out of warranty too. It is in the process of getting fixed though so maybe a couple more weeks and the regular posts should start happening again. Also, May 7th will mark the kick-off of our new party Skin Tight. It will be happening on Saturday so if your in the San Diego area get down to the Whistle Stop and say hi. Your also encouraged to shake a leg. Dj's are myself and the San Diego legend Mark Quark. You can expect a wide variety of sounds new and old, heard and unheard. Flier will be posted here soon. The next Skin Tight party will be happening on July 2nd which is July 4th weekend and we are booking a very special guest for it too. We will keep trying to figure out how to put sparklers in every drink with out it looking like the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Finally, I should also have my record ripping equipment ready to go by mid-May so keep looking here as I will definently start posting some super rare records that are not found within the mediafire/Google search jungle. Be back soon.

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