Friday, May 20, 2011

Messy Updates.

I know everyone is busy preparing for the end of the world or the coming of Christ so I will try and keep this brief so you can get back to snake dances and severe opiate abuse. So we did our first Skin Tight party and it was great. Next one will be July 2nd and should be nuts since it's July 4th weekend. Mark and I are going to start to work on some tunes next week if the Earth is still around. We hope to have something finished and dance floor ready for the July party. The flier should be finished today or tomorrow and will of course appear here. I am also in the process of getting dates together for a group of shows that should be happening in the late summer and early fall. Can't make official announcements yet but I am personally really excited at some of the artists that I hope to be bringing down to play soon. Stay tuned for more info on this soon. Obviously the computer is in fucked land so still a lack of music. Maybe before the Ice Age I can loot an Apple Store and have the perfect computer for a few hours. Until then, go buy dry ice and get out your old shoes. Place them in a public place on Saturday so people think that their Cosmic Judge has vaporized you. See you soon... Maybe.


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