Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Psychedelia.

In March of 1967 Pink Floyd would release their now legendary single "Arnold Layne". Two months later the band would find themselves playing on BBC's arts programme "Look Of The Week". Roger Waters and Syd Barrett where interviewed by the shows host Hans Keller who asked them the timeless question, "So why has it got to be so loud, so amplified?" At this time psychedelia was new and growing rapidly as the counter culture movements across the world where turning their backs to the age old tired moral codes. As time moves on, the sound continues to change and certain countries develop their own sound within the envelope of psychedelia. France is one such country that seems to have a particular character and quite a sophisticated one at that. "D-I-R-T-Y French Psychedelia" was put together by the French D-I-R-T-Y crew who offer up some rare slices of smooth and sombre sounds. An absolute 10 out of 10 in my book. Big points too for using the Nino Ferrer song "Looking For You". One of my favorite Sunday albums next to Dennis Wilson's "Pacific Ocean Blue".
Download: VA Dirty French Psychedelics Selected By Dirty Sound System DLCD03 FR 2009 KOUALA

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