Friday, December 3, 2010

Assorted news.

Wanted to post some assorted news that concerns the blog and future activities. 2010 is not yet over but we already have our hungry eyes on 2011. First off I have just gotten the confirmation for New Years Eve here in San Diego at the Whistle Stop. I have joined forces once again with Dimitri to provide an excellent and cheap party for the people down here. We are still putting the details together but you can expect an epic high energy party for New Years. This is also the first New Years event I have played in four years so I'm excited. All the specifics and a flyer should be appearing here by the end of next week. We have also started to compile our best of 2010 list. Have to say to that I am amazed at the number of stunning releases that are still coming out this late in December. If there is something you think we would like or may have missed please leave a comment and tells us about it. In January I am finally going to be doing my little studio overhaul as well and should be able to start the podcasts. Really hoping to turn this into a pretty regular thing and have a good variety of guests contribute to it. This should also mean that some of my mixes will start to appear here. Most have been on cassettes and don't sound that swell uploaded on a computer. Radiant Darkness is also hoping to launch a boutique-esque webstore for releases that we love and are hard to get. Again this is all pending on certain things but hoping to have a variety of things available around Spring. Finally our monthly party should be launching in January at the Whistle Stop and will be going full steam from then there on. Working on booking very special guests and bands to keep it interesting too. So yeah, quite a bit going on and much to get busy with. Duty now for the future.

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