Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Garden of Elks.

Ah December. The month where everyone starts to loose utter shit over a pagan holiday turned material shopping extravaganza. I choose to deal with it by immersing myself in a mire of sounds that are cavernous and easy to get lost in. The A-number One record for this is from Swedish psych outfit Algarnas Tradgard. Roughly translating to "Garden of the Elks", Algarnas Tradgard sculpt a druggie sound that never seems to pussyfoot away from the listener. Instead of wandering into self absorbed heady territory, the album floats in a colorful wave of semi-consciousness and blinding white day dreams. Kind of funny too how this album seems more kraut rock than even the Germans could produce. This is a desert island record for me. Always reminds me of December. A private opium den for me to get lost for a month in.

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