Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home taping is reinventing music.

While this album does have it's cult status amongst many people, I'm not sure if the beardy shoegaze squad fully accepted this into their ranks. The reason that it's here today should seem obvious. They need not only accept it but realize that this may very well be the greatest shoegaze act since My Bloody Valentine. True experimental sounds and a die hard lo-fi mentality make Flying Saucer Attacks debut self titled album one of the crown jewels of the genre. Most of these songs where recorded on a home stereo system by core members David Pearce and Rachel Brook. The layers of feedback only help to push the melodic drive of the songs. A cover of Suede's "The Drowners" is top notch too. Not an easy band to cover and they seem to easily create a lasting version that is entirely their own. Easily the best bedroom psych-shoegaze album of the 90's. Get abducted.


Kevin said...

I love this one Eth, just goes to show where psych & shoegaze collide so sweet all because of good ole' fashioned tape! Seriously cant tell the year sometimes, its far out.

Kevin said...

Oh and for those that dont know, a 4- track is ABSOLUTELY an INSTRUMENT. Or for that matter, your grampa's funky tape dubber, and that beta max job TOO!