Friday, January 14, 2011

Battery Blues

So here's a little update. My laptop battery complete shit and then died. I tried to get another one immediately which turned into another seriously dumb adventure in which I found one at the obscene price of $159. Because I have a brain and a serious addiction to buying music I made the decision to say "Fuck that" to mentioned overpriced battery. Another is one it's way in a hurry. Hopefully Monday? Got a request for a real good post too so that should be up and all will be fine again in the virtual world here. In the mean time I will still be listening to the newest L.A. Vampires with Matrix Metals LP "So Unreal". Man, this fucking album is great. Kind of like finding a cassette tape of dubbed slo-mo disco that has been warped by the sun. Really addicting. Have fun and keep it simple stupid.

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