Friday, January 21, 2011

Space Bort.

By now you have taken a good look at the cover of today's post and exclaimed "Looks good!" or your probably thinking "Looks boring." Point is you are either going to love Eduardo Bort's folk tinged space prog or you are going to want to pass all together on this. As this album is making an appearance here it is clear as to what camp I belong in. Eduardo Bort recorded this self titled album in Spain that was released around 74/75 and went fairly unnoticed in it's time. It has since gone on to become a major collectible album with prog collectors and has been reissued on cd but not vinyl. If you at all enjoy 70's prog then you will definitely find this enjoyable. The album has an almost Italian feel to it but is hardly even an ounce as over the top as any Italian prog record.

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