Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Earwigs to Eternity.

Finally back after the battery debacle. Got a few requests for some posts which are coming up very soon. In the meantime here's an amazing first record by Alice Cooper. I know most people are familiar with Alice but I wonder how many actually give the albums a chance. He almost better known for his on stage hi jinx, obsession with golf, Schools Out, and for looking older than dirt even when he was young. This is an amazing album that showcases the songwriting talent of every individual in the band and moves through psych, pop, and outlandish acid fever dreams. Frank Zappa signed the band to a three record deal after hearing that the band cleared the room of the Cheetah ( a then semi-famous L.A. rock club) in less than ten minutes. When he asked the band to demo personally for him, he insisted on the time of seven. The band showed up at seven a.m. to Zappa's house and woke him up to play their set. Before anyone could play Zappa was sold on the sheer outlandishness of their mistake. The three albums recorded for Zappa's Straight label (Pretties for You, Easy Action, and Love It To Death) are by far my favorite records by dear Alice. If you have not heard the three mentioned albums your in for a real treat by starting at the beginning. Swing low, sweet cheerio!http://www.mediafire.com/?k12s66ba3bspn

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DJ GOMEZ said...

So nice, Ive been thinking about this one lately too!