Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Swirl.

When I worked in a record store there where many geeky discussions about various topics. One day during one of my shifts a co-worker asked me if I could have any labels entire catalogue, who's would it be. I quickly chirped "Vertigo!" For a very good reason might I add. Vertigo Records was started in 1960's as a sub-label for Philips. The main goal of this new sub-label was to put out psychedelic and progressive music. What Vertigo evolved into in the 70's is the benchmark label for any progressive heavy and far beyond the simple confines of just another prog label. Among the labels rooster you will find Kraftwerk, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Rod Stewert, Uriah Heep, and a slew of other staple and genre defining artists. So what about the stuff you haven't heard? Fucking brilliant. Prog fiends will find what they are looking for in Magna Carta and Gentle Giant. Psych heads will enjoy the sounds of Ramases and Gracious!. Folk collectors will dig the sounds of Tudor Lodge and Bob Downes. Beat diggers and djs look hard for records by Ian Carr and Aphrodites Child. Vertigo truly has a record for everybody and this collection showcases that over the course of three discs. I have all three discs in separate folders. I still on a weekly basis search out Vertigo titles. Most recent one that I bought was Manfred Mann's "3". One more down, and a about 58 more to go.

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