Thursday, February 3, 2011

Florida Player Piano.

Growing up in Florida was a weird thing. Hardly any good bands would come to play because it was considered a loss in time and money (due to the fact that you have to back track however far down you go). Being punk meant that you would eventually fall victim to skinhead beatings and to top it all off the weather is like being a lobster and being boiled slowly to death and insanity. Despite these short-comings, there are certain things that are special about growing up in a shitty place.
1. I don't take much for granted.

2. My patience for the elderly is very high.

3. I now know that "Every" salad dosen't have to have fried stuff on top of it.

4. 90's Florida Death Metal was a great time despite the fact that at the time I was a little reluctant to go to shows because "It's not punk!".

5. Able to make something out of nothing.

6. Futurisk is amazing.

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