Thursday, October 14, 2010

Daily dosage.

Up for grabs today is a really good comp of 60's psych that leans towards the softer end of things. But just because this is lyte psych as the comps title suggests, that doesn't mean we are bored through out this adventurous outing. Mood is set thick through this comp. Take for example Picture's song "Evolution". Thick syrupy eastern guitar and hand drumming give this a very heavy drug vibe that is comforting but still unknown and hazy. Or the cover of "Baby Please Don't Go" by Ballroom. They take the frantic stomp of the original and turn it into an echoed out kaleidoscope of strange power. Other highlights include the rarer than rare Teddy and His Patches 45 "Haight Ashbury" which is punk before punk was around as he talks about being fucked with by cops all because his hair is long. Another interesting pick is the closer by Rock Revival who have the somewhat lo-fi cosmic shuffle of "Venus 2038". This track comes off of an eight track and was only available on that format. All in all a great comp from the Arf Arf label. May post more volumes in the future if I get some response to this.

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