Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New York Maniac.

Here's a somewhat rare soundtrack in it's complete form that I haven't seen anywhere else. Maniac is definitely one the grossest and most visceral slasher films of all time. Willam Lustig directed it in New York in 1980 with a budget of $350,000. Not much money. The lack of funds definitely helped this film achieve the grit and voyeuristic quality that is akin to classics like Last House on The Left and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Maniac in question is played by veteran actor Joe Spinell who helped to co-write and create the film with Lustig. It's clear that Spinell had a passion for this character as he plays it dead to the bone serious. Maniac would suffer several blows during it's release which included a review by Gene Siskel in which he claimed he walked out of the film within the first thirty minutes because the film had reached such a violent climax early on that it was no longer redeemable. The film also became the target of woman's groups who would argue that the violence seen in films like Maniac, would inspire and fetishize violence towards woman. All that aside, the film has become something of a classic and is getting a huge revival now. I do love this movie even if it is against my better judgement. But this is isn't a download for the movie pal. It's for the soundtrack. Jay Chattaway's soundtrack for the film is the carbon copy for all other 80's toilet films or video nasties. Analog synths that sound as if they had a preset called "Grindhouse".

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