Sunday, October 10, 2010

Who wants more spaghetti?

I would in no way dispute the fact that Goblin is in fact Italy's greatest horror prog band. I wouldn't do that, o.k.? But Italy does have some pretty interesting and weird bands/artists that make you realize that Goblin are far from the only ones to have made such nightmarish sounds. What about Jacula? Or Golgotha? Or the never ending onslaught of over-over the top Italian prog records that are out there? Well this is none of that. I would say that this is easily one of my favorite Italian composers next to Morricone and Simonetti. I am speaking of longtime Lucio Fulci maestro Fabio Frizzi. Fabio's work on the film Zombie 2 is a vintage synth lovers dream. He manages to take the overall tropical setting of the film and turn it into an ice cold paranoid landscape of walking maggot eyed zombie terror. I have been a fan of this soundtrack since I first saw the film. Definitely feel like it is overshadowed by Goblin and should be able to stand on it's own two feet as one of Italy's greatest horror soundtracks. Even if those two feet have long been dead and have a bit of gut munch on them.

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