Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh the horror.

A little delay after such a good week of posting solid everyday. Been super busy with finally getting a monthly night going here. So in keeping with the whole October theme I offer up another Italian gem. Bottin is the modern Italo-disco/house master. He has worked with labels like Italians Do It Better (seems obvious), Bear Funk, and Eskimo. Bottin's production work is some of the best out there. When I read an interview he did, he talked of the importance of layer sounds and different keyboards. The interesting thing is that this entire album was born out of a love for a specific farfisa organ and it's tone. Bottin goes on to say that everyone is obsessed with using very thick and full tones for keys while he finds it important to use thinner sounding keys ala the farfisa. Listening to this it's easy to see that he is absolutely right. The songs don't have a huge amount of bass heavy bottom but what they do have is a distinct atmosphere that is solely Bottin's sound. The influence of 70's giallo films and early 80's robot cartoons are just icing on the torta. Grazie Bottin!

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