Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Punk Wars.

Iron Curtain was a Santa Barbara based band who had a fair amount of success in the L.A. area but disappeared in the later half of the 80's. While taking influences from the Cure, OMD, and Kraftwerk are great, they manage to still find their own identity in this minimal hazy sound. "Desertions" represents the bands rare singles and sought after recordings. Minimal synth freaks are all over tracks like "Condos" and "First Punk Wars" due to the simple starkness that is ever present but I prefer the dreamier bits that the band created like "Telephone" or "Love Can Never Die". The best thing about this collection is that it shows the bands sound evolving with every release and each one is better than the last. Like so many bands, Iron Curtain is back together and writing new material. Pylon records is handling reissue duties for many of the classic singles and about five days ago dropped about three Iron Curtain single releases. You can get them all in a package deal at with free U.S. shipping too. Would recommend it.

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