Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kings of Ice.

I am constantly amazed by the number of albums that I discover every year that are old and in a sense buried. I am in no way complaining though. Recently while browsing youtube links I came across a band that I had not heard of called Icecross. Have to admit that the cover caught my eye. And yeah guess what, sometimes it is completely safe to judge a book by it's cover. The cover promises some very sharp and cold riff heavy moments and it lives up to every promise. I kind of can't believe how much of a sleeper this thing is. It is such a balls out proto-metal rocker that it seems it should have the same legendary status as Sir Lord Baltimore or Night Sun but you be the judge. Either way I can not stop listening to it and have a feeling that this thing will be my "eavy record" of the Fall. Icecross are originally from... well yeah Iceland. Really gives all the other Scando 70's longhairs a run for their herring. The band have also recently gotten back together. Hopefully this means that this album can make it into the hands of those people that desperately want it and know that there is no fucking way they can afford one of the scant 1000 original copies. They have a website up with an email sign up. They are super friendly and I'm sure are stoked to have support so if your bleeding for this album sign up at And download Iceland's hairiest record of the 70's below.

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