Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blue Collar Ball Buster.

Wanted to do a double post today since I missed Friday and I will be getting weird in the mountains for a few days so I am leaving the computer at home and turning off the yapper to get in full Walt Whitman mode. Before I leave though I would like to leave everyone with this little dirty rocker from Ohio. The Left End perfectly illustrate the kind of working class rollicking that was going on in the Ohio/Pennsylvania area at the time. Just like you hear from a lot of the English bands talking about how they didn't want to go to work in the factories, the same can be said for these regional bands as well. The Left End would have modest success in the area but somehow managed to be fairly unknown outside of their main stomping grounds. This is a great down and out glam-punk affair that takes the more straight forward rock styling of Alice Cooper, The Dolls, and Kiss but strips it of the champagne fantasy and replaces it with an oiled stained shitty beer strut. The amazing "Spoiled Rotten" was released in 1974 and undoubtedly inspired some of the more notorious "Glam" bands of the 80's. Saturday nights alright for Spoiled Rotten.

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