Monday, November 1, 2010

Slow Death.

Hendrix was a guitarist possessed by a force that made him closer to a cosmic energy than any actual living person on Earth. A force that was too strong to be held captive in his Earthly body. I would imagine that Chico (or rather Mahmoud Ayari) was cut from the same chaotic cosmic fabric that caused Hendrix to burn with such quick but nevertheless prophetic glory. Having been formed in Lyon in 69 as Chico and the Slow Death, the band by 1970 would be known as the Chico Magnetic Band. Their debt lp was released in 1973 and is a full blown supernova of blistering fret fire. What Chico does that Hendrix doesn't is take these songs and drag them through further regions of space where we can only hope that Hendrix would have explored if his ship would not have crashed. The album is further aided by the stellar production of J.P. Massiera who is no stranger to the further darker galaxies of space. Absolutely in a time and dimension of it's own. Explore!

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