Sunday, November 14, 2010

Don't you know who did it?

If I had to pick one singular artist that has made me want to write a blog (this one), it would definitely be John Forde. I first heard John Forde's "Atlantis" on the stellar D-I-R-T-Y Space Disco comp and was instantly floored by it. A sort of slow moving psychedelic codeine disco. From then on I was frantically searching for the rare and somewhat pricey records. Little info can be given about John Forde as well. I have searched every possible source to dig up even a sliver of information but it is not be. Maybe that is half the beauty of an artist like John Forde. To write your legend to the sounds that you hear. The little info that I do know is that "Stardance" was a big Baldelli staple and has since gone on to spotted by various dj's and most recently The XX used it in a mix they did for Fact Magazine. "Woman" is definitely the most straight forward disco sounding tune of the lot with a galloping tempo and those utterly amazing falsetto vocals. The two winners for me though are definitely "Atlantis" and "Don't You Know Who Did It". Both capture an otherworldly kaleidoscope of beauty and strangeness. I managed to find ever song he ever did minus the instrumental "Flight of The Jumping Bean" which in my humble opinion is somewhat of a throw away as it sounds nothing like anything else in John Fordes very tiny catalog. So here's your chance to take a look inside the enigma that is John Forde. Now you know who did it.

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