Friday, November 5, 2010

Most wanted.

N.W.A. wrote the script for 90's street knowledge but when the deal started to smell foul, Ice Cube was the first one to jump ship. He quickly followed with his solo album Amerikkka's Most Wanted which was released in May of 1990. Produced by Public Enemy's team the Bomb Squad, this album quickly became an instant classic and a continuation on the template that Cube had already been a part of in N.W.A. While Dre gets all the attention, this is an amazing piece of work from start to finish and I haven't been able to say that about a hip hop album in a long time (Lil Wayne included). I also have very fond memories of being into gangster rap in the 90's and there was nothing more fear inducing to parents than middle class kids identify or at least listening to the true under-belly of America's racial tensions. Pretty fucking punk rock at a time when most punk rock had it's head up it's own ass.
Oh and if you happen to live in San Diego I will be djing a set late tonight after Tropical Depression and Polar Void play live at the Whistle Stop. It's free too. You can get more info at

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