Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The moon is ripe, like fruit tonight.

Curtis Mayfield is without a doubt one the greatest soul singers ever. It's easy to forget that Mayfield was also such an amazing guitar player who wrote and arranged nearly all of his own material which is more than we can say about most chest beating, gold chain wearing, r & b suckers today. 1980 saw the release of Mayfield's "Something to Believe In" and by this point in Mayfield's career you should be believing. Album opener "Love me, Love me now" is a late night burner that fully opens up the groove around the 5 minute mark. The other major highlight here is the Bunny Sigler penned and Camp Lo sampled "Trippin Out". The perfect slow-mo low slung groove. An absolutely essential album by one of the definitive soul artists of all time.

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