Monday, November 15, 2010

Into the garden.

Artery is a Sheffield post punk band that mainly operated from 1979 to roughly about 1985. They are one of the greatest bands I got turned on to while working in a record store for three years in the mid 00's. "Afterwards" compiles the bands singles and a great deal of songs culled from the stellar album "Oceans". Dark, brooding, and driving are all things Artery seems to achieve effortlessly with in every single song on offer here. Do yourself a favor and give "Unknown Pleasures" a rest and listen to this more often. John Peel used to play "Into the Garden" constantly on his show and sometimes the song would make multiple appearances within a single day. If that is not petrol in tank... you need to start walking.


Lizzbot said...

On heavy rotation now. Thanks!

Radiant Darkness said...

Glad to hear that. This is always a sure listen when I can't make up my mind of what to listen to. Never lets me down.

Lizzbot said...

This one's really amazing. If I had a band, this is exactly the sort of music I would like to play. Listening to this song gives me the sense I belong to something incredible and secret. I love how music can evoke a sort of fantasy world for me where I participate in an even more subversive lifestyle or am more talented than I am in the real world. <---wow, I am more a of a geek than I thought.