Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Most people are now hip to at least a few Turkish artist's like say Erkin Koray or the amazing Selda. One artist that still remains a more underground and ultra cult status amongst collectors is Bunalim. Bunalim which means depression or frustration in Turkish, managed to put out only five singles in their existence and are now at the top of many collectors lists as some of the rarest and most coveted out there. Although the band is somewhat cult within Turkey they are recognized as legends. The band was known for their antics which included running around naked, screaming "L.S.D." at their shows, and painting pictures on club walls whenever they felt like it. Being managed by the extremely important Turkish songwriter Cem Karaca only helped to cement the bands importance to the Anatolian rock movements history. This collection takes the bands activities from 1970 to 1972 and complies it.


Kevin said...

wow!Im glad I smuggled some hash into Orlando for the holidays and scored this too! A real treat Eth!

Radiant Darkness said...

Thanks man. Glad your digging it. Now wash it all down with some Erkin Koray.