Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dead Moon Night!

Dead Moon are everything rock n roll should be but isn't. Dangerous, working class, and dedicated. While many would argue that the Stones are probably the longest running and some what most notorious band on the planet, Dead Moon is far more respectable as they don't travel around with a bus full of people to handle their drugs and day to day bullshit. Just three of the most rock n roll motherfuckers riding around in a shitty van playing affordable shows to people who bleed for it. Front man Fred Cole is no stranger to cult status either. Having served time in bands such as the Lollipp Shoppe, Zipper, and the Weeds to name a few, he started Dead Moon in the tough for real rock n roll year of 1987 with his wife Toody Cole on bass and drummer Andrew Loomis. Melding the perfect balance of punk, garage, and raw romping rock is something that Dead Moon delivers with every release when most bands sell their souls to have some shitty song on a car insurance commercial. On offer is the classic "Dead Moon Night" and "13 Off My Hook". If you at all enjoy this I recommend you watch the documentary about the band "Unknown Passage". Long live Dead Moon.

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